A GBK CELEBRITY GIFT LOUNGE gives you the opportunity to get your product in the hands of today’s leading trend-setters. Our renowned gift lounges are known for the quality of top products acquired, high profile celebrities and sought-after national press that attend each and every celebrity gifting suite.

Why Participate in Our Celebrity Gift Lounges?

Photos: Our clients receive numerous photos with celebrities and their products, which have been used in a myriad of ways including but not limited to:

• Magazine/Press Submissions

• Online Promotion (including company website)

• Press Releases

• Blogs and Other Online Forums Incl. Twitter/Facebook

• Marketing Material

• In-store Marketing

• Trade Show Displays

• Portfolio Enhancement & Content for Sales Pitches to Buyers

**We always advise speaking to your legal council prior to using the photos

Case Studies

Exposure in the Press:

GBK works closely with the media to give you the opportunity to have your product featured in local, national and international coverage, creating a well-rounded promotional opportunity.

Every Single Event I do with GBK Productions probably gives me a return of about $210,000 dollars in free press per event.
Hannah Murray, VP of RevitaLash (Athena Cosmetics)

Targeted Relationship Building:

Targeted Relationship Building: GBK will assist with introductions to celebrities, key industry executives, celebrity stylists, talent managers and buyers from top Los Angeles boutiques. Our personal connections and consistent celebrity attendance record will help you develop relationships with these leaders of style and trends. You will mix and mingle with upwards of 80 celebrities / 60 press, and have the opportunity to promote your product in an exciting and effective way. What might take months of diligent outreach and networking can be accomplished over a period of 2 days at one of our event-driven product placement lounges.

Affordable Celebrity Product Placement:

Celebrity product placement is one of the most influential marketing channels a business can pursue. GBK Gift Suites give you an affordable opportunity to directly interface with celebrities and position your product or service as the next must-have.

GBK Gift Bags:

Leveraging its longstanding strategic partnerships with many of today’s biggest brands, GBK has the ability to provide fun, trend-forward gift bags at an extremely low cost (typically about 10-20% of the value of the bag).

Luxury gift bags are a great way to:

• Thank donors, sponsors, clients and celebrity supporters

• Create a luxury environment on location

• Increase interest and/or loyalty to your special event or project

GBK has produced luxury and celebrity gift bags for many corporate and non-profit clients including: The Mo’Nique Show, Turner Broadcasting Network, Axe After Party, Latin Grammy Awards, and charities such as Sharon Osborne Foundation, Humane Society, and the HollyRod Foundation just to name a few.